Tax & Financial Planning

Increase Your After-Tax Profits

Increase Your After-Tax Profits

Get tax services and financial planning in Vernon, TX and the surrounding areas

Do your tax forms sometimes seem to be in an entirely different language? We know it can be difficult to navigate the complicated rules and regulations. Let Moore, Truelove, Pharis, Meyers & Marsh, CPAs, PLLC get you the returns you're entitled to with our professional tax services in Vernon, TX.

We pride ourselves on thorough tax preparation for our clients and provide a full array of tax services for your benefit. Moore, Truelove, Pharis, Meyers & Marsh, CPAs will handle:

  • Preparation of corporate, partnership, fiduciary and individual returns
  • Amortization schedules
  • Agricultural returns
  • Evaluation of investments and tax shelters

Never leave money unclaimed again. Call 940-552-5481 today to speak with a CPA in Vernon, TX and the surrounding areas.

Discover sound financial planning advice

Are your finances working at their highest potential? A CPA can see the big picture and secure your future. Hire us for financial planning, and benefit from:

  • Advice on acquisitions, mergers and incorporation of businesses
  • Development of pension-profit sharing plans
  • Representation before taxing authorities
  • Liquidation and sale of business
  • Entity selection
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Pensions (SEP, 401K, Keogh)

We work with everyone from large businesses to humble homeowners. Contact us today to take advantage of our certified financial planning services.